Sunday, February 27, 2011


The CO's wife is coming over to my house for a social I am hosting.

I'm kind of freaking out.

I have migraine's. I've never had a migraine before. It's lasted for three days. I looked it up on Webmd (never a good idea). Possible diagnosis' were diabetes, strep throat, earwax blockage, hematoma, thyroid cancer, stroke, and a brain aneurysm just to name a few. My friend told me it was just a migraine and to take some Excedrin Migraine. Worked miracles. However it contains caffeine.

I also have about a bigallion other things going on. Including cooking for another family in need, working all next week, Easter care packages for the unit, trying not to stop going to the gym and continue to eat healthy meals that don't include milkshakes from Cookout, and worrying about my husband's upcoming promotion board.

I'm taking a break from starching and ironing my curtains (who does that??). It's 12:40 am.

 Haven't even looked at the baseboards yet.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Small Victories

I have done it. I have finally triumphed over "the slump." I have done all of my laundry (even the dry cleaning) and stopped borrowing my husband's clothes. I have cleaned all of the dirty dishes and stopped eating over the kitchen sink or the garbage can (I also don't find so many crumbs all over the house). I have returned to a reasonable weight (one that doesn't pop off buttons or split the crotch of pants). I have conquered the smell coming out of the kitchen. I have put away all of the Halloween decorations (including the rotting pumpkin on my front porch). I have gone through the various piles of mail that were reproducing all over the house and shredded two garbage bags full of credit card applications. I have started working out on a regular basis and eating fairly healthy meals. I have started showering everyday and wearing clothes that are socially appropriate for outside of my house. I have organized my shoes on my shoe rack and stopped pretending no one would notice the house slippers on my feet in the commissary.

I have also started working. Just a temp job, but I got paid for it today (Hooray money!).

Though I still have some of the climb ahead of me I can see the top.