Saturday, January 29, 2011

Small Victories

I have done it. I have finally triumphed over "the slump." I have done all of my laundry (even the dry cleaning) and stopped borrowing my husband's clothes. I have cleaned all of the dirty dishes and stopped eating over the kitchen sink or the garbage can (I also don't find so many crumbs all over the house). I have returned to a reasonable weight (one that doesn't pop off buttons or split the crotch of pants). I have conquered the smell coming out of the kitchen. I have put away all of the Halloween decorations (including the rotting pumpkin on my front porch). I have gone through the various piles of mail that were reproducing all over the house and shredded two garbage bags full of credit card applications. I have started working out on a regular basis and eating fairly healthy meals. I have started showering everyday and wearing clothes that are socially appropriate for outside of my house. I have organized my shoes on my shoe rack and stopped pretending no one would notice the house slippers on my feet in the commissary.

I have also started working. Just a temp job, but I got paid for it today (Hooray money!).

Though I still have some of the climb ahead of me I can see the top.