Monday, December 6, 2010

Is it too late to start thinking about Homecoming?

What's been on my mind lately:

1) Where should I shop for my Homecoming outfit?
- As my husband could probably tell you, I love shopping! Especially when it's for a certain event.

2) Should I wear heels or flats?
- Heels are super cute and sexy and I love love love them!!
- Flats would be better suited for the run-leap-hug move.
- Heels would help with the Homecoming Kiss so I can reach my husbands lips without having to stretch or him having to bend down.
- Flats would be much more comfy cause I'll probably be standing around waiting for a while.
- I could always practice the run-leap-hug move with my super cute and sexy heels before hand.

3) Who could I find to help me practice my run-leap-hug move with heals?

4) What should I have cooking on the stove to make the house smell delicious for when he comes home?

5) Should I clean the car myself, or just pay someone to do it?

6) Is it too ambitious to think that I could completely redo the flower beds, or should I just get rid of the weeds and lay some fresh mulch?
- Have I mentioned that I don't know anything about gardening? I also have a talent for killing things that grow in pots in record time.

7) It's been longer than usual since the last phone call...

8) What if they can't reach me since I've been out of town?


  1. This one was too funny. I could hear you writing this :) haha. Good luck with the run jump thing in your heels. You know, if your homecoming isn't in the pitch black, you can go in flats then change when you know the bus is moving in a you-bound direction!

  2. Forget the stove, cook something in the crock pot! An easy, but tasty recipe is to slice up an onion, put in chicken or pork, cover it with your favorite BBQ sauce and a little water, cook on low for about 8 hours. Serve over white rice. Soooo good!

    Glad I can follow your blog now! :)